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If 2015 was my fresh start, then 2016 will be the building off of that foundation.

I started last January having broken up with my boyfriend of four years. Simultaneously, I received my first professional comics job. It marked the end of being miserable and penniless, and the beginning of honing both my comicking and my Good People radar. The latter required dicking around in San Francisco garbage for far longer than I should have, but a woman has to start somewhere.

In March, I finally got to have a proper, mostly uncomplicated date with a man I had waited two years for. At this point I had gotten better at smelling bullshit before I was knee deep in it (my own included), so I stepped out of the way the moment it started to reek. Instead, I bumped right into the actual love of my life, a person who has made me begrudgingly accept my previous naiveté ("I know all about love!") in exchange for a better, more critical perspective ("I know shit!"). In turn, he introduced me to my current housemate, someone I treasure beyond anything I could describe in words here.

Career wise, I like to think I fully appreciated the fact that I was a lucky anomaly, and was humbled by it: by 25, I had worked for the Big Two, and was now completing a TMNT miniseries for IDW. I am so grateful for the opportunities offered to me. They opened doors, but they also helped me understand what I truly enjoyed doing. It informed my year end decision to work on my own original comics with Stela than to work on Very Cool Not My Project Elsewhere.

All in all, the year came with my hand touching the bottom of the jar of Fucks To Give. I've since very carefully pruned who I keep as company. I find myself more aware — of myself, my privileges, my surroundings, my future, the shortcomings of others, the value of others, of where my cat is and if he's fucking around with something he shouldn't be — and readier than ever to work my ass off, dissect my insecurities to become a better person, and party fucking hard.

Here's to more blogging, a perfect partner, more psychotropic hangouts, and a productive, wiser, sassier 2016. Cheers.